4 Reasons a Hybrid Service Model Is Good for SFR Owners

MCS leverages its self-performing capabilities alongside a deep service partner network to provide a host of benefits for SFR owners that a singular approach can’t necessarily achieve. Here are four reasons to consider a partner with a hybrid service model.

For maintenance, renovation and inspection services, many single-family rental (SFR) owners and operators rely on support from a third-party network of vendors, service partners and contractors. But providers like MCS that leverage self-performing capabilities alongside a deep subcontracting bench can provide a host of benefits for SFR owners that a singular approach can’t necessarily achieve.

Here’s a look at four key benefits you can expect when you work with a partner with a hybrid service model like MCS.

Benefit No. 1: Quality Control

When a provider works exclusively with third-party vendors, they don’t always have full control of the service experience. A hybrid service model improves the ability for more control without sacrificing flexibility, allowing the provider to strategically select the services and types of projects that are best fulfilled by its employed technicians, where available, and which are best for its network of service partners. 

With technology and key processes in place for managing work, a property services provider can maintain a high level of quality control. At MCS, where quality is a core focus, we have technology and processes in place for verifying the work of both our self-performing technicians and our vendor partners to ensure client work is completed as specified and in a timely manner. Plus, we have project managers who oversee work around the country.

Benefit No. 2: Project Oversight and Support

Working with an experienced team that knows how to manage employee technicians as well as contracted vendors means your projects will be expertly staffed and managed. 

At MCS, for example, our employed technicians receive ongoing training and work to achieve a high level of efficiency and excellence as a team. Our contracted partners are fully supported as well so they can succeed on any job. We provide extensive documentation to ensure work is performed to the client’s specifications and offer in-person safety training alongside our employed technicians as well. 

Additionally, by having our own local presence in several key SFR markets, MCS is able to work directly with subcontractors and service partners as needed, including providing training, being a resource if challenges arise and direct oversight of work.

For our SFR clients, these supportive processes help ensure consistency and quality, through a single point of contact for each project or work order. 

Benefit No. 3 Efficiency and Flexibility

You know it can be challenging and time-consuming to manage multiple vendors, so having one provider with a hybrid service model approach that can cover it all like MCS, is a significant benefit. When your property services provider has its own regional self-performing service centers, you benefit from having project managers, purchasing managers, inspectors, code compliance, estimators and service technicians at the local level. 

At MCS, we believe this is critical, but we also know that some projects require a deeper bench or a specialized service, or are located in markets without our own local presence. So, we’ve built internal systems and applications for our service partners to help streamline and manage processes. Ultimately, having an extensive network of over 30,000 qualified service partners in addition to our self-performing service centers allows us to most efficiently serve our clients, covering a wide range of skills and trades across every ZIP code.

Benefit No. 4: Local Knowledge

Having a partner with self-performing capabilities that has “boots on the ground” in your market enables more efficient scheduling and ease of oversight. Plus, with in-house teams supported by specialized service partners, the local crews have the advantage of being subject matter experts in your market. And because MCS service technicians also work on property preservation for our Mortgage Default business and commercial properties for our Commercial Services division, they have the opportunity to learn more about any specific property needs required in a given market while learning new skills. This helps them understand the challenges you’re up against and the local code requirements, and the ability to devise solutions if problems do arise. 

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Working with a property services partner that has self-performing capabilities and a proven network of qualified service providers offers advantages that a singular approach can’t match. MCS’s regional service centers provide market coverage across the country, ensuring top-tier service and exceptional work for SFR owners and operators. Learn more about our complete suite of SFR solutions by contacting Jason Myers.