8 Multifamily Property Maintenance Services that Should Be Outsourced

apartment building roof repair in progress

Whether you’re overseeing 100 units in one location or thousands across multiple sites, keeping up with the repair and maintenance needs of a multifamily rental (MFR) complex — from monthly tenant turns to common areas to resident maintenance calls — isn’t easy. Supplementing your on-site staff with a multifamily property services partner could be the answer.

While some service requests might be best handled in-house, consider a partner that can tackle a wide range of projects, including these common eight.

1. Quick apartment unit turns

Your on-site team is likely more than capable of handling the tasks involved in tenant turns, but when multiple turns need to happen in a short time frame and you have regular tenant maintenance requests pouring in, it can be helpful to have an external partner who you can rely on to assist with tenant turns. After all, the longer a unit stays vacant, the more revenue the complex is losing — making efficient tenant turns a must.

A high-quality partner can handle painting, flooring, appliance repairs, drywall work, rekeying, cleaning and more, while helping to maintain consistent standards and adhering to budget constraints.

2. Exterior paint

Your complex’s exterior paint job is a reflection of your brand and should be professionally maintained to enhance curb appeal, attract potential tenants and aid in tenant retention. Hiring a partner with exterior painting expertise can help ensure you understand the paint options and get the best possible quality for your budget. Plus, experienced painters know how to manage a job professionally to minimize disruptions for your tenants.

3. Access gate maintenance and repair

A frequently malfunctioning property access gate is a nuisance for tenants and can affect tenant retention. The responsibility for keeping gates in working order is often best assigned to professionals who have training with access gates. Regular professional maintenance can help prevent minor issues from growing into larger problems — saving you money in the long run. Plus, having a services partner as an extension of your team can help ensure repairs are managed quickly.

4. Landscaping maintenance

Well-maintained and colorful landscaping can be a selling point for your apartment community, creating a vibrant and welcoming first impression — an impression that might make or break the prospective tenant’s decision to rent at your property.

Depending on your climate, regular landscaping maintenance can range from a short season to a year-round endeavor. Investing in equipment and staff is typically not efficient unless you have multiple properties in a close radius where you can gain efficiency by leveraging a single crew. Working with a landscaping partner allows a schedule to be developed to keep your property looking its best without carrying the burden of the resources, and oftentimes expertise, needed to properly maintain your turf, shrubs, trees and flowers.

5. Fence maintenance and repair

Property fence maintenance and repair is another great way to utilize a property services partner. Keeping fences in top shape is key to curb appeal and tenant satisfaction, and an

expert can help ensure fences are functional, aesthetically pleasing and a safety asset, while potentially helping to prevent costly repairs in the long run.

6. Parking lot maintenance

A safe and well-maintained parking lot is critical to curb appeal and attracting tenants. A qualified partner can help ensure potholes, cracks and other hazards are minimized, while helping to reduce more expensive problems later. This specialized service is ideal for a property services partner.

7. Roof repairs

Roof repairs can be complex and should be handled by professionals with the expertise and proper equipment. Your climate, the durability of the roofs on your property and the frequency of extreme weather events will drive how often repairs are needed. But in general, most multifamily facilities teams don’t need this service enough to require a roofing professional on staff, making this a perfect service to outsource.

8. Dryer-vent cleaning

Dryer vents that aren’t properly maintained are potential fire hazards, so keeping them cleaned out is especially important in multifamily buildings. Plus, this basic maintenance can help dryers run more efficiently, reducing energy costs and adding time to the life of the dryers.

A property services partner can tackle multiple units — or even the entire property — every year as part of a preventative maintenance plan or as part of tenant turns to help you stay on track and keep your residents safe.

In addition to these eight areas, you can also partner with a company like MCS for remodels and renovations given the typically short timeframes and dedicated resources required. Also, having licensed professionals on staff can be a major expense, especially if there isn’t enough consistent work within a specialty. Licensed trades such as HVAC, plumbing and electric may also be areas where having a service partner can be valuable, allowing you to call on them as needed, often at pre-negotiated rates.

The Multifamily Property Maintenance Partner You Need

Whether you’re looking for a services partner that can handle individual specialized tasks or take on a full range of projects for your MFR property, consider MCS. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with your property maintenance team to make your multifamily property shine!