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Industry Buzz: 5 Key Mortgage Services Industry Insights 

As Q2 2024 starts, mortgage servicing professionals have used many forums to discuss what’s in store for the industry throughout the year. Events like the MBA Servicing Conference and industry-sponsored webinars have hosted industry professionals to share their perspectives. MCS’s team of mortgage experts share five key items that continue to resonate across the industry.

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Tips for Success with Property Preservation Work Orders

When you work in property preservation, work orders are the lifeblood of your business—as important as the actual property preservation services you’ll be providing. To help set yourself up for success, it’s important to understand work orders, including what to look for, the common work order types, how to avoid some common mistakes and how to ensure your success in fulfilling work orders.

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2024 Mortgage Services Industry Outlook

MCS is looking ahead to 2024 and focusing on continued innovation to support our clients and drive the industry forward. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Chad Mosley, President of MCS's Mortgage Services division, offers his insights on the state of the industry, including its challenges and how MCS is innovating to meet them head-on.

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