[Video] Popular SFR Property Inspection Types

Watch our latest video featuring Jason Myers as he talks through single-family rental property inspections that are critical to ensuring that your property is up to code, made livable for occupancy, maintained along the way, and refreshed between tenants to maximize your investment.



[Video Transcript]

Hi, it’s Jason Myers. I want to talk with you about inspection services and their criticality in the SFR market. I think about it in terms of a handful of inspections that are going to help you be more effective. These are things like:

#1.  Before you purchase—pre-buy bid inspections to understand what is going to get your assets to a position that is going to be the property that you want for your renters.

#2.  Think about it in terms of occupancy checks. If someone is not supposed to be there. Ensuring that we don’t have squatters or people in between.

#3.  Lost draft and inspection services to check out the work that is being done to get a property back in good standing after a tornado or some sort of life event.

#4.  Move-out inspections to understand how did the renters treat the asset. Were there any issues? Did they cause damage? Do you need to withhold anything from their deposit or to help pay for those.

#5.  And then, general home health checks that we do on occasion where renters rent a property for a long time just to understand the state of the asset. Are there any repairs that are needed or anything we can do to enhance their experience?

These are all things to consider when you are working with a partner as well as the ability to create inspections based on your specific needs—Coming in there with dynamic forms, being able to understand what data points you need to get from an asset and how can that provider help?

If MCS is a group that can add some services or add some support to your group, feel free to reach out. 

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