What’s on Your Truck?: Ultimate Property Preservation Tools Checklist

Building a property preservation maintenance business takes time and hard work. In addition to the expertise you bring, you’ll want to be armed with the tools to get the job done right. Each job comes with its own requirements, so there’s not an all-inclusive list of every tool you could ever need or encounter in property preservation.

In general, the type of services you decide to offer will largely determine what ends up in your toolbox. But there are some tools and equipment every property preservation vendor should have on their truck, as well as others to consider for specialty work. Think about adding these tools to your toolbox to help ensure you’re prepared for your next job—and to help grow your business.   


To Rent or to Buy?

When you’re getting your property preservation business off the ground, you may discover additional tools and equipment are required to provide the services you want to offer. But take your time when it comes to new tools and equipment purchases.  

Consider renting first—especially big-ticket specialty items. It will allow you time to decide how you’d like to specialize (for example, putting your focus on a specific area or areas like lawn care and debris removal only) before making a substantial investment.

  • Basic tool set with hammer, screwdrivers, ratchets/sockets and tape measure 
  • Drills (cordless and corded) and drill bits 
  • Generator 
  • Shop-Vac 
  • Foldable ladder 
  • Air compressor 
  • Multiple flashlights and work lights 
  • Mobile phone with camera and GPS 
  • Phone chargers and battery packs 
  • Extension cords: 100-foot, two 50-foot and several 25-foot cords 
  • Power strip  
  • Sump pump 
  • Tarps 
  • Chalk (to outline discoloration and show continued growth)

Specialty work

Cleaning services Lawn maintenance Winterization
Standard vacuum and shop vac 

Broom and mop 

Paper towels, cleaning cloths, sponges and brushes 

Cleaning solutions (oven, glass, floor, etc.) and disinfectant 

Trash bags 

Rubber gloves 

Toilet brush 

Air fresheners 

Marker (to write on air fresheners) 

5-gallon water container (in case water has been turned off)


String trimmer with edging capabilities and spare string 

Hedge trimmers and string 

Rake, shovel and broom 


Hose and spray nozzle 

Pipe and crescent wrenches  

Shut-off valves, caps and plugs 

Duct tape 

Zip ties 

Garden hose 

Air compressor to blow out water lines 

RV antifreeze (3 gallons per property) 

Water shut off key 
Debris removal  Rekeying MCS-warehouse-2-2
Dump trailer for hired company with a dumpster 

Brooms and dustpans 

Dust masks 

Large shovel 

Mesh tarp 


Garbage cans and contractor-grade bags 


Ratchet straps 


Needle nose plyers 

Tongue & groove plyers 

Drills (cordless and corded) and drill bits 

Pry bars (for removing old locks, not doors)   

Bank-coded knob locks, padlocks and deadbolts 

Hasps to secure external structures like sheds 

Window and slider locks



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