4 Key Areas for Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

striping commercial parking lot maintenance

Parking lot maintenance should be a critical component of your landscaping plan. Besides serving as a reflection of your brand (parking lots are frequently the first impression customers get of your commercial property), safety is also an important factor. Here are four key areas to look for as you strive to keep your parking lots in good condition.

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Chain Store logo4 Key Areas for Parking Lot Maintenance

1.  Sweeping

Because sweeping is your primary line of defense in
keeping your parking lots attractive and safe, it should be done several times per week, even daily. The frequency
may vary based on typical traffic turnover in your lot.
For example, high-traffic storefronts with drive-throughs tend to need more

2.  Striping, Resurfacing and Repairs

Resurfacing, repairs and striping likely aren’t part of your regular parking lot maintenance program, but if they haven’t been addressed in a while, it may be time. As with regular clean-up, these practices both improve the appearance and enhance the safety of your lots, helping to prevent trips and falls and keeping parking spaces clearly defined.

3.  Portering

Portering—cleaning up flowerbeds, emptying trash cans and picking up trash and debris—is typically done in conjunction with sweeping at least a few times a week and more often for high-traffic lots. It keeps beds and other areas tidy. Portering also ensures that trash cans aren’t overflowing, preventing trash from potentially blowing around your lot and enhancing your overall curb appeal.

4.  Pressure Washing

Typically conducted quarterly or at least twice per year, pressure washing uses highly pressurized water steam to offer a deeper clean than surface-level sweeping and debris removal. Pressure washing can be especially important around entrances and drive-throughs, where trash and gum are more likely to be discarded and drinks are often spilled.


Does your commercial maintenance provider use dash cameras or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) as part of their proof of service when maintaining your lots? This ensures the services they provide are recorded so you can actually see the work that was completed. It’s worth asking if your provider can offer these capabilities (or before and after photos at a minimum)—especially when you’re unable to visually verify the work yourself.


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