[Video] SFR Property Inspection Partner Considerations

Watch our latest video featuring Jason Myers as he describes the key points in the single-family rental property inspection world that you should be considering when looking for a partner.



[Video Transcript]

Hey guys, it’s Jason Myers with MCS Rental Services and I wanted to talk with you about three key points in the inspection world that you should be considering when you’re looking for a partner. 

#1.  What is the depth of their experience?

Ultimately you need to find a group that can cover all of your [property maintenance] areas, [and] has enough volume to keep the inspectors engaged. Quality inspection is driven by the amount of work and the amount of proximity to each other. So, finding a partner who has enough volume to drive good quality work is critical. 

#2.  Do they provide all of the data you need?

Number two, do they have the ability to gather data that matters to you as opposed to just standard data? Think about it in terms of dynamic forms ultimately finding the actionable insights you need on these assets. Whether it’s pre-buy, during the rental life cycle, after someone moves out—if you’re looking [to turn] a property over from a different investor, find out and get the data that’s going to matter to you. 

#3.  Does their technology integrate with yours?

And three, how are you reviewing that data? Do they have integrations that [are] going to deliver the information to your technology, or are you going to have to look at a flat PDF file? Ultimately, we’re trying to figure out how to make your team most effective by getting them information quickly [and] in a system that they know how to use, recognize and [can] work through. 

If we can help you out, we’d love to do it. MCC has been in the inspection, single-family rental and property management space for over 36 years covering some of the biggest financial institutions in the country and we believe we can be a real asset. If you have any questions or would like to talk about it feel free to reach out. Thanks so much.

[End Transcript]


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