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6 Smart Money Savers for SFR Investment Properties

Protecting your single-family rental (“SFR”) property investment is a top priority, but it’s just as critical to stay on budget. Start the year off right with a plan in place to save money on property services for your single-family rentals—without sacrificing quality or tenant satisfaction. From simple fixes to longer-term strategies, we’ve got you covered with these six money-saving ideas.

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MCS SFR team

3 Key Elements for Successful SFR Investment Property Management

When it comes to maximizing the value of your single-family rental (SFR) investment properties, there are a lot of details to monitor. Do you have all the investment property management pieces in place for a successful 2023 for your SFR investment properties? We’ll explore three essential elements that can help you get there, whether you own 10 properties or a portfolio of 10,000 homes.

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Does Your SFR Property Services Provider Handle the Entire Lifecycle?

As fast as the SFR industry has grown in just the past few years, it has been a challenge for owners and operators to have all the knowledge, skills, manpower, and bandwidth to handle the many facets required to successfully grow and operate a profitable portfolio, whether it’s 10 properties or 10,000. Some investors may be great at financial analysis and modeling, while others have experience in construction or development. Then there are those with a property management, maintenance, operational or leasing background. Others may have all of the areas of expertise at the corporate level, but need partners to implement at the local market and property level across the entire lifecycle of a home.

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