12 Steps to Perfect Fall Commercial Landscaping


As summer winds down, it’s time to shift your commercial landscaping focus to preparations for fall. How can you ensure your commercial landscaping will be fall-ready? Here are 12 steps you’ll want to take as part of your fall landscaping efforts.

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As summer winds down, it’s time to shift your landscaping focus for your commercial properties to preparations for fall. How can you ensure your commercial landscaping will be fall-ready? Here are the tasks you’ll want to be sure to include on your fall landscaping checklist.

Your Fall Landscaping Checklist

Turn your mulch

Mulching improves the quality of your soil and helps it retain moisture. Spring is the best time to mulch, and fall is the right time to turn it over to keep it fresh and healthy.

Aerate your soil

Winter can be tough on your plants and turf, so it’s important to protect them where you can as part of your fall landscaping prep. Aerating your turf can help remove excess thatch buildup, enhance growth at the roots and help your landscape survive through harsh winter conditions. 

Reseed where needed

This time of year, your turf can be stressed from intense heat and regular mowing. After aerating the soil, reseed the grass, paying special attention to any thin or bare areas to encourage growth.  

Fertilize your soil

Generally, the sweet spot for fertilizing your turf as part of your fall landscaping is after the summer temps have dropped but before that first freeze. Fall fertilizing can give your turf the nutrients it needs to help protect it from the ravages of winter weather. Test your soil first to see what it needs and proceed accordingly. 

Ditch the dead leaves

As those autumn leaves begin to fall, be sure to keep your grass raked clean. You’ll avoid potential fungal growth as well as pest problems while allowing your lawns to get the sun they need before the weather changes. 

Show your trees some TLC

Trees should be pruned back to help guard against damage from winter wind or snow. Recently planted trees should also be wrapped for winter to protect them from harsh winter temperatures.

Prune and plant 

Most perennials should be pruned back in the fall. It’s also the perfect season for planting new perennials and shrubs, too. Planting them in the fall gives them time to take hold before cold weather arrives and boosts their odds of surviving until spring. 

Make a final cut

When colder temps begin to arrive, give your grass a final mow for the season. You’ll want to cut it shorter than normal as well, without going all the way to the root. That buzz cut helps prevent issues like matting as well as potential diseases from developing, and not going too short ensures the roots won’t be over-exposed to harsh, cold temperatures.

Keep your watering schedule going

Even if you tend to get more precipitation in your area in the fall than in the summer months, you’ll still want to keep your regular watering schedule throughout the season. 

Winterize your irrigation system

Before your first fall freeze, have your commercial landscaping partner blow out your sprinkler lines with compressed air. This process is key to ensuring your lines are dry and thus won’t freeze and be damaged during the winter.   

Pull those weeds

Don’t allow weeds to get overgrown in the fall. Keeping them pulled throughout the season will help ensure you end up with fewer weeds to worry about in the spring. 

Don’t skip the hard surfaces

The majority of your fall landscaping focus will obviously be on everything you’ve got growing, but don’t neglect your sidewalks and driveways. pressure washing, filling in cracks and sealing surfaces in the fall gives them extra protection against severe freezing conditions. 

By taking these steps as you prepare for fall, you’ll help keep your commercial properties looking great and your plants in good health. Looking for more tips? Check out our fall cleanup checklist.

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