Commercial Landscape Trends to Watch in 2024

It’s wise for property and facility managers to study up on the latest commercial landscaping trends. Our team is seeing trends toward landscaping that is more functional and efficient as well as environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Learn how you can enhance your landscaping in 2024.[keep reading...]

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Whether you’re preparing your commercial landscaping RFP or planning out your program for 2024, it’s wise to study the latest commercial landscaping trends. Our experts in the field are seeing trends toward landscaping that is more functional and efficient as well as environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  

Consider these commercial landscaping trends as you seek to maximize your budget and ensure your commercial properties make the best possible first impression.


You can achieve low-maintenance and pleasing aesthetics through xeriscaping, a landscaping approach that decreases the need for water by incorporating drought-tolerant plants as well as elements like rock, stone, bricks and artificial turf. Building your landscape around them is a way to maintain your property’s visual appeal while reducing the need for excess water and eliminating the regular replacement of dead plant material. Needing less water–which is a factor that should always be considered–can also be a boon if your property is water-restricted during a drought. It’s all about sustainable and easy landscaping that also maintains your property’s value and aesthetic.

Native plants 

The trend toward the use of native plants for commercial landscaping may not be new, but their popularity continues to increase. Why? They are perfectly suited to their regional climate, which naturally decreases the need for water as well as the reliance on enhancements like pesticides and fertilizer for growth. These features make native plants more cost-effective and low maintenance than non-native plants, and they are likely to live longer. 

Herb gardens  

Restaurants, resorts and multi-use properties are on to something. While they may not be the perfect fit for every commercial property, herb gardens are growing in popularity as a low-carbon option for bringing food closer to the people who need it. An herb garden can be an inviting space for employees while also making your landscaping more functional by supporting on-site dining establishments.  

Green walls 

Green spaces like rooftop gardens continue to be a trend for certain commercial landscapes—especially corporate headquarters—and green (or living) walls have become an important element in these spaces. Beyond their visual appeal, green walls can help reduce energy use as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures, enhance air quality and simply bring elements of nature into a workplace that employees find appealing.  

Artificial grass 

Your tenants or customers may not be coming to your property to admire your perfectly manicured turf, but a landscape with dried-up grass and weeds definitely leaves a poor first impression. While traditionally seen more in desert climates like Arizona, synthetic grass can offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution regardless of where your properties are located. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance option, as your artificial turf will stay green year-round without the need for watering.  

Technology use  

From the ability to formulate more accurate landscaping pricing estimates to the development of smart irrigation systems with turf sensors and remote monitoring, technology is driving efficiency in commercial landscaping. Drones are also being employed to assess a property and take before and after photos, demonstrating the effects of efficient commercial landscaping programs. Be sure your landscape partner leverages the latest in technology to help maintain your properties and provide timely updates on work completed. 

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