Make Sure Your Commercial Landscaping is Ready to Beat the Summer Heat

Is your commercial landscaping ready for summer? Hot weather is on the horizon (and has already arrived for some folks) so it’s time to get to work. Use this quick checklist to ensure you and your commercial landscaping partner have your summer prep covered.

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Get things growing in the right direction this summer with this Summer Commercial Landscaping Checklist

1.  Make sure planting is done

Once the freezing temperatures have subsided, it’s a great time to plant many types of trees, shrubs and flowers. Your commercial landscaping partner will know the best planting times for your area, but getting them planted early in the season gives them time to acclimate before the hottest temps arrive.

2.  Turn over mulchLawnService

Mulching offers numerous benefits, from improving the quality of your soil and discouraging weeds to helping the soil retain water. Turning over mulch is a way to get a fresher look without the expense of new mulch.

3.  Aerate for better growth

Aerating your turf helps remove excess thatch buildup and promotes growth at the roots. Your landscaping partner can manage this task for you, to help your lawn recover from harsh winter conditions.

4.  Apply fertilizer

Fertilizing in the spring can give your turf the nutrients it needs to help protect it from the stresses of the prolonged heat and frequent mowing that it’ll be subjected to all summer. Ask your commercial landscaping partner for soil testing recommendations to determine what treatment is needed and proceed accordingly.

5. Let your grass grow Irrigation-sprinkler-heads

Once the summer heat hits, have your landscaping partner adjust their mowers so your grass stays a little taller. This can help it maintain moisture at the roots so it’s less likely to dry out.


6. Use soil moisture sensors

Soil moisture-based irrigation controllers can help enhance your landscaping and make efficient use of water by detecting how much moisture is in the soil and overriding irrigation systems when watering isn’t needed.


7. Add Some Color

Adding a pop of color with some annuals broadens curb appeal and welcomes your guests. This can be a great addition for entryways, as well as around signage to draw attention. Common or gathering areas can also benefit from vibrant colors to keep the area interesting and engaging for both visitors and employees. Be sure to use plants and flowers that are appropriate for your climate and that don’t require excessive maintenance or irrigation.


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