Commercial Property Spring Maintenance: 9 Items for Your To-Do List

A gardener adjusting irrigation hose, surrounded by shrubs, plants, and lamp post.

Spring has officially arrived. Have you scheduled all of your seasonal property maintenance to-dos yet with your facilities maintenance provider? Review these recommended services — both interior and exterior — to help you get your commercial property in top shape for Spring and Summer. 

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Key Areas For Exterior Spring Maintenance  

Exterior damage assessment 

Having your facilities maintenance partner Inspect your commercial property for exterior damage that may have occurred during the winter should be the first step before other Spring maintenance tasks. You’ll want to have them check for winter damage to sidewalks and parking lots, test your irrigation lines for any leaks or damage from winter freezes, and assess your trees for damage from winter storms, along with plant life and turf.  

Snow and ice treatments like salting can damage or even kill grass or flower beds, so they may need to be treated or replaced. And if your snow provider did a preseason walk, they should conduct a seasonal wrap-up and provide you with a report, as well as return to remove curb stakes. If your snow provider doesn’t provide these basic end-of-season services, an internal review and assessment is required. 

Parking lot and sidewalk repairs 

Repairing concrete or asphalt sidewalks and parking lots damaged by winter ice and snow (or plows scraping their surfaces) is the first step in getting them ready for the season. It may also be a good time to consider re-striping lots and repainting curbs and bollards. If painting isn’t needed, sweeping and debris-and-litter cleanup will be. It may also be time to add power washing to your facilities maintenance partner’s Spring maintenance checklist so your commercial properties look clean and fresh. 

Retention ponds  

Retention ponds are designed to help handle stormwater runoff and reduce the likelihood of flooding. As Spring rains arrive, they should be inspected as part of your seasonal maintenance to ensure they’re flowing properly with no issues. No one wants flood damage, especially when it can be avoided by being proactive. 


Once any potential landscape damage has been discovered and addressed, it’s time for your commercial landscaping partner to move forward with standard seasonal property maintenance to-dos, like timing the start of your fertilization program and your irrigation startup, as well as soil aeration and adding seasonal color. If your plants weren't pruned back in the fall, be sure to have them tackle that task now, to allow new sprouts and branches to come up and activate.  

Spring can also be an opportune time to assess your budget and consider any enhancements or changes you might want to make to your landscape program, such as adding color to your beds, flower baskets or barrels. Or maybe you’re ready to go artificial instead of maintaining turf. Depending on the size of your portfolio, it’s not too late to start a commercial landscape RFP, but you’ll need to complete yours quickly to ensure you’re able to secure a quality, professional provider.   

Pest control 

Though pest control is largely an indoor issue, you can help keep rodents away by cutting down perennial grasses that weren’t taken care of in the fall. 

Interior Spring Maintenance Focus Areas

Interior damage assessment 

It’s a good time to have your facilities maintenance provider take a closer look at your entire commercial property during your Spring maintenance check, and that includes the building’s interior. Have them look for any potential issues, especially those that could have been caused by winter weather, like water spots on the ceiling.  

Power washing 

Just like at home, Spring is a good time for power washing entrances, curbs, buildings and windows, paying special attention to high-traffic areas where snow, ice and debris have been tracked all season. A facilities maintenance provider like Chain Store Maintenance can develop, implement and manage a power washing program that keeps your property in top shape across all seasons. 

Pest control 

Don’t let pests get the upper hand this Spring. Have a pest control professional inspect your building for any damage from pests and block off any holes or cracks where they might be able to enter. Then work with a comprehensive facilities maintenance company to implement a proactive pest control program across your portfolio of properties. Not only will this help address any immediate needs, but your properties will be protected year-round. 

Water heater flush 

Besides age, sediment buildup in the tank is the most common maintenance issue for hot water heaters. Draining the tank and flushing your water heater at least once a year can help extend the life of your unit and increase its energy efficiency. Spring is a great time for this task. A service professional can do this as well as check your system for any potential leaks that could lead to additional problems. 


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