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Tips for Success with Property Preservation Work Orders

When you work in property preservation, work orders are the lifeblood of your business—as important as the actual property preservation services you’ll be providing. To help set yourself up for success, it’s important to understand work orders, including what to look for, the common work order types, how to avoid some common mistakes and how to ensure your success in fulfilling work orders.

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What’s on Your Truck?: Ultimate Property Preservation Tools Checklist

Building a property preservation maintenance business takes time and hard work. In addition to the expertise you bring, you’ll want to be armed with the tools to get the job done right. Each job comes with its own requirements, so there’s not an all-inclusive list of every tool you could ever need or encounter in property preservation.

In general, the type of services you decide to offer will largely determine what ends up in your toolbox. But there are some tools and equipment every property preservation vendor should have on their truck, as well as others to consider for specialty work. Think about adding these tools to your toolbox to help ensure you’re prepared for your next job—and to help grow your business.   

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Restaurant Maintenance: 5 Key Programs and Services

Dining establishments have special requirements to ensure they remain safe for customers and employees alike—and to stay in compliance with health codes and local regulations. Consequently, there are a variety of key commercial facilities maintenance services that restaurant owners and managers should implement to maintain safety and compliance. Here are five to consider. 

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