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John Bacon

John Bacon serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for MCS. He leads a team focused on traditional and digital marketing, branding, sales support, events, and public relations with a primary goal of establishing MCS as the partner of choice across its various business lines.


Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at MCS

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) are more than just buzzwords. They are more than images posted on social media pages to garner clicks, and they are more than just words printed on a corporate website or the walls of a business to impress customers, vendors and employees. These words are the very definition of a work environment that helps to ensure everyone feels valued, welcomed, and supported.  

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Industry Buzz: 5 Key Mortgage Services Industry Insights 

As Q2 2024 starts, mortgage servicing professionals have used many forums to discuss what’s in store for the industry throughout the year. Events like the MBA Servicing Conference and industry-sponsored webinars have hosted industry professionals to share their perspectives. MCS’s team of mortgage experts share five key items that continue to resonate across the industry.

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SFR Lifecycle

Does Your SFR Property Services Provider Handle the Entire Lifecycle?

As fast as the SFR industry has grown in just the past few years, it has been a challenge for owners and operators to have all the knowledge, skills, manpower, and bandwidth to handle the many facets required to successfully grow and operate a profitable portfolio, whether it’s 10 properties or 10,000. Some investors may be great at financial analysis and modeling, while others have experience in construction or development. Then there are those with a property management, maintenance, operational or leasing background. Others may have all of the areas of expertise at the corporate level, but need partners to implement at the local market and property level across the entire lifecycle of a home.

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Suburban house

5 Questions to Help You Choose a Prop Pres Provider

Whether you’re assessing your current property preservation provider or are in the market for a new one, it’s important to consider your choice from all angles — from the core preservation services you need to expectations regarding specialized services, the customer experience and your field partner’s ability to truly innovate and help solve problems. Consider these five questions to help you choose the right provider.

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